Canadians Top Rankings for International Investors in U.S.

Did you know that a recent report listed Canadians as the #2 international investors in U.S. property? Only 5 states account for 54% of the residential property purchases. With Florida in the lead accounting for 22%. 

If you have ever thought about buying a vacation home or investment property in Florida, look no further. As a fellow Canadian who has been helping buyers just like you since 2001 – I have the experience and extensive knowledge of Florida real estate that will lead you to your perfect vacation home or the right investment property to produce solid returns. 

Like most Canadians considering the purchase of a vacation home or investment property in Florida you may have questions regarding the market’s current state, financing options, and how to obtain legal representation. When purchasing real estate in a different country it is imperative that you have a real estate professional who combines reliability, market knowledge and the know-how it takes to make your buying goals a reality. My highest priority is to be your lifelong trustworthy and professional real estate consultant. Email or call me today to get answers to your questions. 

A Network for Canadians

2018 marks my 25th year as a Canadian who relocated to Florida. During this time, I have created a network of professionals ready to guide you each step of the way. Whether you are looking for a 2nd home, investment opportunity or simply want to know what your ownership options are in Florida, my team is here to facilitate whatever you may need. 

This real estate network includes bilingual lawyers who specialize in Canadian property ownership in the U.S and can advise you on any questions you may have including U.S property tax law and the details of establishing a trust. With my team’s help you can avoid feeling overwhelmed or uninformed. We know how important a home purchase is whether in Canada or in the U.S. - let us help you be an educated buyer with a team to back you up each step of the way. 

FAQ for Canadians Purchasing Florida Property

Can I get a mortgage?
What does it cost to carry a home?
What are the tax implications?
Who will take care of the place when I am not there?
Are there immigration issues?
What about my health insurance? 

For the answers to any of the above and other important questions you may have, contact us today! 


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